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We have eleven chapters across America covering many states. Many people chose to participate in several chapters depending on their circumstances. You must join the National Oregon-California Trails Association (OCTA) to be a part of the chapters.

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Join National OCTA for $60 a year, plus Southern Trails Chapter for an additional $20 annually.

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Southern Trails Chapter Sustaining Member Donations

Membership includes National publication of the Overland Journal and News from the Plains as well as the Chapter Newsletter and Desert Tracks publication. You’re invited to join in our Zoom meetings and regional symposiums as well as National Conferences.

$20 a year for Individual or Family Membership
$50 a year for a Sustaining Membership

The Southern Trails Chapter of OCTA is a group of people dedicated to the study, preservation, and enjoyment of emigrant trails across the southwestern United States. Our chapter territory covers virtually the entire region of the southern route trails, which passed through Oklahoma and Texas to Santa Fe and El Paso, New Mexico, then continued through northern and southern Arizona to California (see “Trail Map” on this website). Our members are dedicated to the study and preservation of the historic trails comprising the southern route.

Our membership is comprised of everyone from professional historians to folks that just like to learn about the historic emigrant trails. There are opportunities to learn about trail locations, mark and map the trails and perform in-depth research of your own. We invite you to join us, share your passion, help us preserve, and make new friends with similar interests. You must be a member of the National Oregon-California Trails Association before you can join the regional chapters. Please join National OCTA and our Southern Trails Chapter now.

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